Philatelic Escape Fauna Album 3

Be the best at Philatelic Escape - Fauna Album 3 as you are going to join the competition among the best stamp collectors who are trying to solve all these jigsaws to find the right pieces. As it's a point-and-click game from ABCya4 puzzle collection, your job is to make sure that you can search and discover the location of all the available stamps. Let's get inside the apartment with different rooms to start roaming each.

There will be tons of items scattered from the front door to the inside of the room, but pay attention and focus on your main objective of getting a total of 10 stamps. As you move across the room, you can feel free to click and interact with the items that show up on the screen. For each one, you might get some hints to solve the final puzzles. Once you open the shelves in each room, there will be a lot of possible clues that might include cracking numeric locks and letter codes. Will you be able to find the hidden keys, postage stamps, and plenty of valuable items hidden around the place using these hints only? This might become your most addicted game soon, so hit it up and try it out!

A tip for you is that you might find something interesting by searching the corners and under the different spots. Make sure that you take advantage of your logical thinking, creativity, quick problem-solving technique to finish all incomplete tasks in other games such as Fit Shape and Tile Mahjong from our collection at! There is an easy-to-use interface updated for the usage of this game, so enjoy the graphics, cool background and other newly updated elements in this game!

Controlling keys: Click or tap on the screen to select and interact with the puzzles.