Rio Rex

What will a Rio Rex do while being on the loose among the big city? Let's enjoy the fun of destroying the infrastructure, defeat the citizen, and take over in this new game from ABCya land! The players will get to control the movement of a destructive dino and guarantee that its path of destruction is wide open. The only goal of this terrifying T-Rex in this thrilling game is to flip the city upside down and gather all the possible energy for further destruction. Your dino will thrive when it feasts on humans on the way to roast the city.

This dino is not only big and strong with a deadly hit but it can also release a hot flaming breath to destroy anyone and anything that it finds scattered around. Such a feature makes it easier for the dinosaur to run through the buildings and search for the prey. What level of damages and havoc will you be able to put on the little city? Nobody can stop the rex once it starts damaging the city. Causing havoc amongst the world of humans will be the best gain for your enjoyment in this game! Only the fastest dino can manage to chew people, destroy buildings, and blow the heated fire at everything in sight at the same time.

Start spreading the mayhem and destruction to create bloody revenge with more action games at A total of 12 levels that come with 12 missions is available for you to explore. Don't let the people fight back or cause harm to your dino because it will decrease your record in the game. We have plenty of other action games like Shift Run and Empire Rush Rome Wars Tower Defense that are various in genre and themes.

Instructions: Attack using the left button, move using the arrows, move the head using the mouse cursor.