Shift Run

Another incredibly fun and enjoyable hyper-casual game with the name of Shift Run will guarantee to spice up your playtime and bring the most memorable moments! Make more friends from all around the world by competing to see who can be the first ranking on the scoreboard of this Abcya game! You will get to put on a pair of rollerblades and ride through this path that is designed just for you.

There will be lots of obstacles and tons of traps, blocks, and spikes that you need to steer clear of. Find out the most suitable lanes and change in time to avoid crashing or collision. For players who don't know how to move on the rollerblades, come and learn because there's always a chance for you to be the best in this virtual game. The goal of each stage is to reach the finish line, so don't give up mid-way.

Your interactive skills and reflex will be tested as you have to flint, shift, and pull your legs at the right time to dodge the obstacles and change to the suitable platforms. Don't miss the timing or else your score will not be high in this game at Keep an eye out for the speed-up pads that will boost your speed and make the game more interesting. Handling the rollerblade while moving so fast will be quite a challenge, so try your best so as not to crash too soon!

The game brings out the best of the arcade and 3D gaming genre, and it's listed for free along with other games like Empire Rush Rome Wars Tower Defense and Collision Pilot. Take the chance to show the world your swift movements and amazing reflex while being on rollerblades!

How to play: Click the left button to pull up the leg or to change lanes.