Smash Colors: Ball Fly

Smash Colors is a fascinating arcade game along with gravity. Try to prevent the ball from falling down, it is necessary to tap and support its flight. There are a lot of obstacles with different colors ball moves around with colors changing, you can move through the wall where the color matches the color of the ball. After passing each wall, the color of the ball changes. This game boosts your reflexes which you have to match in no time. Play more reflex games only on abcya 4 grade.

Intriguing arcade game Smash Colors. A game with gravity. To keep the ball from tumbling down, it is important to tap and support its flight. You really want to defeat the dividers. The divider must be passed in the area where the shading matches the shade of the ball. In the wake of passing each divider, the shade of the ball changes.

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Tap to jump.