Snake Yo

Have you ever tried an io game with a top-down-style and unique point of view like this one Snake Yo from This new challenging game is where you can take on the role of a snake among the bigger snakes. Do your best to survive this intense board and consume as many foods as possible. Do you see the glowing dots on the screen? Those are the stars - or the magic food that you need to search and eat to grow and become strong.

Collect points by collecting the magic food or the stars. The more magic food you manage to collect, the bigger the snake's body gets. Do your best to stay in the game for as long as possible because there are so many threats and dangers lurking around the board. You can add more points to your final results for staying longer as well. Keep in mind that surrounding enemies is the way to destroy them and earn some extra points for your snake.

Moreover, if you can learn how to utilize the dash, you can accelerate and perform more difficult maneuvers for sure! The most important tasks in this ABCya 2022 IO game are to avoid the dangerous bigger enemies and to accumulate points as fast as possible!

Can you perform the risky moves and rock these corners on the board that is filled with other snakes? Avoid the bigger and longer snakes at all costs to keep your ranking and get a detour anytime you find out that they are trying to attack you. Dive into more responsive games with similar gameplay and hypercasual theme such as PAPER.IO 2 later!

How to control the snake:

Control the snake using the mouse on the PC or the touchpad on mobiles.