Squid Mahjong Connect

In order to clear all the boards in Squid Mahjong Connect - the new game from https://abcya4.net/, the players will need to utilize their ability to spot the pairs of similar Mahjong pieces and choose the shortest path to remove them. The goal is to match all sets of similar Mahjong pieces using the lines of no more than two 90-degree angles, which means that there should not be more than 2 corners.

Once you finish one level, the next one will continuously be filled with the new Mahjong tiles that are ready for the consistent players to participate. Demonstrate the top skills when it comes to matching the best pairs of tiles using the least number of lines possible. The number of levels is limitless, however, we are looking for the players who can reach the highest levels and set a new record with their skills!

Each Mahjong piece comes with the image of a different character from the famous movie of Squid Game, which has been all the rage these days. Have fun with the crew in this puzzle game and enjoy the experience with our top-tier graphics and colorful board Mahjong. Despite the classic gameplay and theme, you can still look forward to a decent game with an increasing difficulty level and a significant gap between the stages.

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How to play:

Click and move the tiles using the left mouse cursor button.