Stack Panda

How many wood pieces can you stack on this pile of wood in our new ABCya 4 kid game: Stack Panda? Get ready to explore this nonstop adventure game with the platform theme which will test your ability to jump on the best beat. The players who can control the panda and make him jump at the right timing constantly will be able to stay in this arcade nonstop for a long time.

Don't forget that the main goal is to create the highest tower possible from these little pieces of wood. If you jump up, the wood pieces will stop at the right place in the middle of the screen. If you fail to jump on time, the panda will get hit or collide with the wood pieces and make the game end. The higher you play, the harder it is to quickly dodge the blocks.

You will find that there are blocks coming from both sides of the screen to make the work of building an infinite tower under your feet much more difficult. As this is one of our latest arcade games online, you can freely use different strategies and come up with the best way to play it so that you can gather the top record. The best players in this game from shall be the ones who can defeat both other players' records and the individual record.

Keep going on with more journeys in other games like Cute Puzzle, which are equally fun and exciting for this summertime! A newbie tip is to observe the movement of the wood blocks carefully in order to get a grip on the moving pace and the rules of sliding. If you can estimate when it comes near your panda, you can jump correctly!

Instructions: Click or tap on the screen to jump.