Stick War: Infinity Duel

Duel games can also be fun if you can progress and learn to use your technique to bring up the best result in the duels. Join this gaming selection of Stick War: Infinity Duel between the toughest stickmen who are dying to showcase their talents and fighting skills when it comes to the infinite duels here at the Abc ya games for free! You will participate in the duel with one weapon only.

First, choose the modification of the layout that you like to explore on the main page, as well as grab the weapons that suit you. There are some interesting duel backgrounds that will be suitable for you to spice up the battle with the coolest setting and platform. Once you start the game, your chosen weapon will fall from the air and can be used against your enemy.

As the weapons fall on the field at certain times and intervals, make sure that you pay attention to newly added weapons and use it wisely. The goal is to disarm your enemies and defeat anyone that is on the other side of the duel. Don't forget that keeping your balance is quite a crucial task as well. Collect more weapons so that you can get more chances of conquering your enemies soon enough.

It's a multiple-player gaming option in which you can select to play against the bot or a friend of yours. Feel the new and vivid appearance with high-quality graphics for your entertaining purpose! Keep progressing to harder opponents and win all of them with one shot! More games with similar themes like Mr Speedy the Cat from will easily be your next favorite choices!


use arrow keys and mouse to shoot or WASD and F key.

Interact and choose the option using the left mouse button.