Mr Speedy the Cat

Guide Mr. Speedy the Cat to top this running game from ABCya 2022 online game with your best speed! He's no ordinary cat like the ones that you met. This is an unremarkable stray cat with the ability to not only accelerate on the roof but also manage to hunt on the streets. Nature has gifted him with a special ability which is the ability to run quickly and jump higher than the usual cat.

Such an extraordinary ability can't be left unattended. You need to assist this special cat as he runs for a very long time without a break to reach the furthest checkpoint of the road. This is quite unusual for our feline friends, however, this is a special mission that you need to conquer in this game. Such a superpower will come in handy when you meet some gaps between the roofs or the stacking obstacle.

Once the cat has progressed to a certain checkpoint, new enemies shall pop up for a new pursuit. It's time to help the cat deftly react to the random holes and jump to collect the stars efficiently. There are three available levels with different themes On the roof, Antarctica, and Little canyon for you to explore with various difficulty ranges. Choose the most suitable one before hitting the first training session to get used to the basics of the game.

The more you train, the better you will get at dodging the obstacles quickly! Our new collection at will be filled with a variety of new sub-genres and unique themes for your experience! Keep practicing and enhance the techniques with multiple choices such as Dangerous Adventure or Kick the Huggie Wuggie for zero cost.

Controlling keys:

Click on the screen or tap on the mobile/ tablet screen to jump.