Tiny Clash

Tiny Clash will be the chance for you to explore your ability when it comes to winning a long-term battle against the strongest opponents in this ABCya fighting game. The main goal of this game is to make sure that you use the limited resources to gather enough soldiers and equipment that can be helpful during the quest. First, learn the price and the fighting styles of each type of warrior before starting to choose them.

As the commander-in-chief, you will be required to understand their advantages and disadvantages to make use of them wisely. Summon the warriors and take into account the number of enemies to know how many you need. After you have gathered enough, confidently click the fight button to start the game. The number of soldiers is one element, however, their placement and the layout of them on the map shall be another crucial part.

Strengthen the team by purchasing more and more updates as well as merging to create a stronger team. Can you see the number of soldiers on the other team as shown on the screen? Do your best to gather a larger number than that or else you stand a higher risk of failing. Combining is the new feature of this game that allows you to explore a new type of warriors using the existed ones.

Keep an eye out for the floating trunk of treasures to capture the boosters and unexpected bonuses! More games like Human Wheel and Ubisoft All Star Blast! will be suitable options for you to dive into during your free time as they are all available for free at https://abcya4.net/! Let's see how many matches you can crash and how long it takes for you to become the top commander in this game!

Controlling keys:

Click and use the left mouse button to move and place the soldiers.