Sticka Stacka

If you are good at memorizing and imagining a new image using the scattered pieces, you will easily ace this game of Sticka Stacka! Enjoy this new gaming installation of a sliding puzzle game from our collection of ABCya 4 online game with a pixelated image stack! The fun starts when you learn how to rearrange the puzzle pieces in order to reveal the final picture that is given per level.

Keep your eyes on the frames and stay focuses because the time bar is running out. The total of 130 images are ready for the best players to ace. Let's see how many you can solve without missing out on the stars and record withing the time limit. Unlock all pictures to place in the Sticker Book and gather all the rows correctly. There will be a collection of 5 or more rows, each with a part of the image that is required to complete the level.

Feel free to drag the rows to the positions that you would like to so that they can reveal the final picture. The more you complete in a short time frame, the higher your scores will be. Unlock plenty of new pictures and use your imagination to win this creative game!

Not only will you get to experience a cool pixelated animation for this game but there will be tons of new options to explore at! It's a fun theme for kids to discover their new favorite characters among these available option. Share the thrilling puzzle experience with more games like Sliding Slide to have a blast later!

How to play:

Click on the blocks and drag to move them to the new positions.

Use the touchpad to play on the mobiles and tablets.