Among the aggressive opponents in this arena of, you will have to stay alert to not only be the last one to survive the attacks but also to hit back at the others. As this is another usual io game for kids from ABCya IO online, you will carry out a similar task to that of other io games. Do your best to be the last survivor and defeat other opponents as they show up on the map.

The higher the levels, the bigger the map and the more the opponents. In order to be safe, you need to move constantly and push your opponents out of the playing field. There will be some dangerous zones like the ice edges, the traps, and the holes. Use them to your advantage and avoid letting yourself be pushed out! It's either you or the other sumo, so be prepared for an intense arena!

This fascinating io game with 3D graphics will help to develop your character as you can purchase tons of useful gear once you have gained some coins by winning levels. Don't forget that the new gears or skins can go with new options of arenas and higher capacity. After every successful push at your enemy, you can grow your character and evolve to become stronger.

This makes him push harder and harder to push. Moving constantly around the map will be a good way to avoid becoming the target as well. Don't let others attack you and counter-attack whenever possible. Are you ready to explore this sumo world here at Free games like PAPER.IO 2 will be the suitable next option after this game!

How to play:

Use WASD or arrow to move the character or use the mouse to run. Use the spacebar to push.