Super Long Nose Dog

Manage the extension of your dog's nose in this game from the website of ABCya adventure called Super Long Nose Dog where the power of this special nose gets all its attention! Use the dog and extend it to defeat the dummy on each level. Whether it's a corner, curved line, or blockage on the path, you can always extend the dog using the control key. As long as you hold on to the control key and don't release it, the dog's nose will keep extending.

The goal is to either hit the enemies or interact with the obstacles like rocks, blocks, and poles to make the enemies get crushed. Use your wisdom and choose the course of action wisely depending on the stage layout and difficulty level. The higher the level that you are on, the harder it is to defeat the dummy as it will be hidden in some corners or behind other items. Manage your interaction and control the scheme wisely to reach the target with one extension of the nose! It's a fun and hilarious game with cute animation to keep kids of all ages engaged and enjoyable for a long time!

You can replay the failed level anytime you feel like it, and make sure to use the gained coins to purchase a new dog breed for a better gaming experience. Be prepared for multiple levels and an endless journey to defeat the new dummy. How you maneuver them will decide how fast you can crack the level and the ranking of your results. Feel free to emerge in a more animated gaming world such as Speedy Paws or Enchanted Waters from our game list with one click on !

How to play:

Hold and release the mouse to control the extension of the nose.

Play using the onscreen touch buttons or the touchpad.