Unlocking is the new puzzle gaming selection for the kids who would love a thrilling game with lots of locked doors and tons of key shapes to arrange. Not only is it a new game from the list of ABCya puzzle 2022 but it's also a good choice if you are up for a challenge related to colored shapes. Your will target this new apartment that is filled with lots of keys. The final goal of this game shall be to unlock all the doors by arranging the key.

Entering the apartment within the time frame will be the final result of each level, but try your best to cut down on the wasted time if possible. Enjoy this addicting puzzle by continuing to insert the multi-colored shapes and figures into the keyholes that they belong to. The work of inserting the colored shapes will soon become quite addictive if you are a fan of problem-solving and love the satisfaction of correct matching.

Imagine that there are a lot of puzzle pieces showing on the screen, each will easily fit into one keyhole among the range. Let's observe and learn how to fit them all so that the door can be unlocked without failure. The lock shall finally unlock the moment that you manage to occupy all the empty niches and frames. One wrong insert will cause the spikes to shoot at you, so be careful and take cautious movement!

This is a cool puzzle game with brand new themes and a unique mechanism for matching the shapes. Feel free to share it with some friends and compete to see who can keep the locks opened the fastest! Keep in mind that we are inviting you to explore more games like Tic Tac Toe Master from https://abcya4.net/ later!

Controlling keys: Click and use the left mouse to choose and move the lock pieces.