World Cup Differences

World Cup Differences - the latest Abcya 2022 game brings a new combination between puzzle games and sports games with all the best themes and features from both styles. In the spirit of winning the sports tournament of the World cup, let's spot the differences between all these images as shown in the game. The special part of this game is that all the images you come across will bear the main theme of different sports.

From football, soccer, and volleyball, to others like crickets and so on, the distinct style of each sport is shown in the images. The main requirement of the game resembles the other puzzle game. You need to observe the set of images as given and point out the points that differ from the others. It takes some good eye-hand coordination as well as fast observation to spot these points in the shortest time frame and gather the highest scores possible.

The more time you have left, the higher your final results will be. For newbies or for the times when you get stuck, utilize the given hints by clicking on the button to see the next pairs. However, don't rely on these hints for too long because it's a limited number.

Speed is also of the essence in this game as it's also one of the contributors to the total scores of each player, therefore, use your time and hints wisely throughout the whole game. If this is your gaming style, why don't you go for other similar-themed games with enhanced gameplay and elaborate graphics such as Sheep N Sheep? Share the fun and high spirit with your friends in more games from to enjoy the thrilling moments at the soonest!

Controlling keys:

Click the left mouse button to choose the differences between the images.