Zombie Mission 11

If you have been familiar with this series from ABCya online 2022, the new version of Zombie Mission 11 will come off as no surprise for you, except for some dangerous changes hidden. Unlock all the levels in this island exploring game where you will need to complete as many matches as possible to unlock the skin collection.

For each continent in the Underwater World, you can pick among the three levels of Normal, Hard, and Extreme base on your experience! As zombies invaded the seas, these innocent sea creatures have turned into zombies as well. Your job in this game is to help the characters to escape the locked place and turn them back into a human!

There will be tons of new mechanics for items that you have never encountered in the previous sessions before, which means that we need your utmost attention in order to stay alive. Pick the right weapons or vehicles and don't forget to dodge the enemies as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the lovely parrots and the instruction boards on the island will help guide you to the final destination as fast as possible.

Are you ready to spice up the playtime with this 11th sequel of the hypest arcade game with the side-scrolling theme? Make sure to control both characters if you are going for a two-player mode as it requires both to move the platform. Go head to head with the CPU in a single-player mode! Spread the fun and try out more arcade games such as Island Of Pirates, all for free at https://abcya4.net/ so tackle them now!

Controlling keys:

Player 1 moves using WASD, hit using the C key, throws grenades using the V key, and jumps with the W key.

Player 2 moves with arrow keys, hits with the L key, throws grenades using the K key, and jumps with up arrow keys.