Rotated Dots

Besides having a quick reflex, great observation and amazing shooting skills, this game from ABCya land called Rotated Dots will take all of your skills up a notch with its extremely fast-paced gameplay and thrilling rules. The goal is to precisely shoot all the central dots of the same color that is shown on each turn. For example, if the color block that is shown at the corner is red, you need to make sure to quickly hit all the red pieces from the grid before the time runs out.

Also, in case you hit the dot with a different color, your turn will end immediately. It will be a race against the time due to the limited time per stage. The quick movement of the grid is another element that makes the game much harder to navigate. As the arrangement of the dots keeps changing every time the level changes, your eyes will have to keep up with the constantly changing overall scenes, which will be quite a challenge at first. Keep progressing to higher levels to find out how hard the game can be and how far you can push your individual skills! Here at, the two most important factors that contribute to your winning match are the time controlling skills and the precise aiming technique.

Don't miss and don't shoot too slow and you will be just fine. The game has one of the best graphics and fast screen changing mechanisms from the long list of games in this genre. Moreover, your observation and reflex will enhance significantly only after one trial. Spread the words and take the chance to enjoy more challenging games like Fireman Jet and Cat Wizard Defense that are also available without any cost!

Controlling keys: Click and drag the mouse cursor to aim and shoot at the colored dots.