Apple Shooter Remastered

Apple Shooter Remastered is the new version of this classic bow and arrow shooting game for kids who love a bit of thrilling sensation with shooting at different targets. In this action games, your main goal remains to be the apple on the top of the person's head. The goal is to hit the apple without either making the arrows steer to a strange direction or missing the target.

The successful levels are recorded when you manage to hit the apple straight in the middle and crack it. In case you fail to hit the apple or hit the person instead, you will have to restart the level. Two most imporant skills that will contribute to your winning chance in this game are the aiming skill and the direction selecting one. When starting to shoot, you will have to bring the arrows and bows to the right place, while holding the string tightly.

Release only when you have determined the direction that you want to push the arrow. If you can coordinate the eyes and hands as well as control the string force, you will quickly grasp the basics of this game. Like most other shooting game, the distance among your position and the target will increase throughout the levels to make it harder.

Keep a steady hand to avoid slipping or missing out on any precious chance to conquer the game in one shot! It's all about the coordinate between your eyes and hands, while working under the pressure of time. Share the gameplay to other friends to compete together and see who can get the top-ranked scores in a limited time range! Other games like Find Alien 3D and Funny Battle Simulator are added daily to the list of to guarantee the most suitable options for any taste!


Click or tap to shoot at the apples.