Funny Battle Simulator

This huge army of Funny Battle Simulator will easily be your next fun choice to spice up the art of commanding a huge army. There are a lot of methodologies, strategies, and tactics related to fighting a battle on your own in this ABCya fighting game. Use the resources that you have to choose the most suitable soldiers that you are going to dispatch.

Depending on the enemies' group, you should dispatch different types of soldiers, ranging from infantry to archers and close-range fighters. Send the stronger ones like Cyclops and Spartans will help you win the battle faster. However, the stronger the soldier is, the more expensive he is. Using your limited resources wisely is the highlight of this game, as well as time management.

The grenadiers will throw grenades and cause bigger damage to the enemies, however, their defense level is not high. Place them in the back to keep them safe. Crush the enemies with your tactical skills and train to claim the title of the best general in the world who can manage not only large-scale and spectacular battles but also unique units of enemies.

You will find that the game has a ragdoll physics of enemies with amazingly beautiful graphics of 3D to create a realistic theme. Learning the control key set and getting ready to fight alongside the best soldiers of yours. Other fighting games like Human Vehicle or Rublox Space Farm will show you different ways of fighting in special eras, so take the free time to check them out at!

How to play:

Control and choose the fighting units using the left mouse,

Ctrl key to delete the unit.

Use WASD to move and combine with the right mouse to use the alternative movement.

Use Q and E keys to rotate the camera view.