Awesome Seaquest

As the evil red army has overrun the sea and stole the propeller of our awesome ark, we need a team filled with the best fighter to take on the fight and win! You will utilize the map in the game to target your resources and choose your battles wisely. For each winning battle, the players will gain extra rewards, bonus cashes, and earn a higher rank on the ark.

Among the total of three levels of Normal, Hard, and Extreme of this ABCya fighting games, which one will you be able to tackle first? In the Normal mode, the players are required to master the skills needed to lead the blue team to victory. Meanwhile, in the Hard mode, it focuses on the clever use of the existed weapons and good resources, as well as your talent when it comes to unit management.

Let's gather what's essential to survive the game. If you are an advanced player, don't hesitate to tap on the Extreme mode, where the most perfect battle selection is. Control the health strategies to stay alive and climb to the highest rank on the sea! The way to win all matches remains unchanged, which is to take on the red army in this second version of this game at!

How will you manage the list of incrementally built navies and weapons? Keep researching for more resources and dig deeper to gain the oil that can help take back your territory! Don't worry if you haven't participated in anything like this as there will be in-game instructions and tutorials ready for you. Come and share the fun of fighting and searching for resources with others in more fighting games like Foxy Land 2 and Firebug 2  later!

How to play:

Click the left mouse to choose and interact with the items.