Block Magic Puzzle

If the classic Tetris game was once your favorite choice, this time, take your puzzling journey to a new notch with our ABCya new game Block Magic Puzzle! The gameplay has some resemblance to the original version, however, there are lots of changes and it shall differ in the mechanics of placing blocks. In this game, you will tackle the challenge of building blocks and putting them into the given square board with lots of excitement!

This game allows the players to compete with other players as well while gathering more scores for the high rewards and new achievements. Beat your record before moving on to the higher platform! The gameplay is simple, however, it will take some time to master it. The highlight of this game is a wide range of game modes. You can choose among five different game modes that are diverse in terms of mechanism and rules.

From Classic, Timed mode, Blast mode, Advanced mode to Challenge mode, feel free to try it out and pick whichever suits your taste. You will need to move the given blocks on the bottom of the screen into the playing field. Three random blocks need to be moved to fit into the board. Your main goal in this game from is to score the highest points within the short time frame.

By placing a block on the map that creates a full line, you can remove the said lines and gather scores. If there is no free space left on the board to install the blocks, you will lose some scores. Keep learning and trying new strategies to find out how you can clear the whole board as fast as possible! Other games like Huggy Wuggy Pop It Jigsaw will bring forth the other types of puzzles and jigsaw, so check them out later!

Instructions: Use the left mouse to move the pieces.