Huggy Wuggy Pop It Jigsaw

You will easily find yourself emerging in this fun puzzle game of Huggy Wuggy Pop It Jigsaw with the main theme as the Huggy Wuggy characters. You will get to arrange the frames with the main characters as these dolls. Figuring out the place to put each piece of the puzzle so that the original frame is recreated. You need to memorize the location of each piece before they are scrambled up by the mechanism of the game.

There are 6 different images available, each with three modes of Easy, Medium, and Hard for the kids to freely pick the most suitable range. Hit the game with the Easy mode first to understand the mechanism and gameplay. Feel free to explore the Hard mode once you grasp the basics and showcase your amazing memory as well as the skills when it comes to managing complicated and elaborated frames.

Online games from ABCya 2022 free game list are varied in terms of range, genre, style, as well as gameplay. Choose the ones that fit your category the most and have a blast with the long list of available games! The tip to winning this game quickly is to start with the obvious pieces at the edge of the frame first, then move toward the middle.

This way will provide more guidance to figure out the remaining center pieces. How long will it take for you to conquer one frame at a time? Let's add this to your favorite basket and have a blast now! Some other cool games coming from the puzzle category are Aquatic Blocks or Air Slip, all available at the tips of your finger at

How to play:

Drag the pieces using the left mouse button and drop them to move them to the right places.