Martian Driving

You will have the chance to encounter countless mysterious and challenging creatures as you drive on the surface of Mars in this Martian Driving - a new game for drivers in ABCya car game. In the middle of this no-man-land, you have tons of chances to freely explore your ability to drive and smash into the strange creatures. This is a car-themed game in which the players will have to try their best to drive safely to the destination and to get rid of any obstacles. Whether the obstacles are strange creatures or strange items, you can choose to either avoid them or to smash them into small pieces.

The only vehicle you will get in this free game is an offroad vehicle that will function well when driving on and off the main road. Use this efficiently to approach your goal and protect yourself from any harm. A tip for new players is to keep check of the speed. Once you see any obstacle showing up, starting speeding up to gain momentum and hit them badly. Only when they no longer move can you continue with the quest.

There might be a hundred or more creatures like that in this game on Mars, so be patient and slowly gain control of your land. There will be no locked area so that players can freely explore this world at Move from the finished space to the next so that you can continue to gather strengths and scores from your successful kills. If you are looking for more games with similar themes, don't miss out on some good choices that are popular these days such as Snowball War Space Shooter and Sky Track Racing Master

Instructions: Drive with arrows or WASD, use the spacebar to brake, change the camera viewpoint with the C key.