Snowball War Space Shooter

The rain filled with giant snowballs is going to attack your spaceship in this game of ABCya 4 games called Snowball War Space Shooter! Don't let them touch or hit your spaceship and keep moving toward the safe place. The most important task and also the only way to make your way out of this game safely is to fight back. You will shoot the snowball with your bullets to make sure that they are melted. Control and move your spaceship back and forth to not only dodge the snowball but also to celebrate Christmas in a fun way.

As the storm of snowballs is reaching you soon, you will have to start shooting. Aim at the white snowball and hit them with the bullet. The number shown on the snowball is the required number of hits that you have to shoot to break it. The higher the number is, the more work it takes to break it. Moreover, for some huge snowballs, after you manage to break it, it might break into smaller pieces. Continue shooting until there is nothing left on the game screen! It's an endless game mode so you just need to try and make the highest record possible to rank high on the Leaderboard at Move flexibly and avoid the edges to steer clear of the snowballs.

Also, these snowballs can bounce back when they hit the ground or the edge of the screen. You should estimate their movements and dodge them quickly. Enjoy this arcade-themed virtual game in space and become the spaceship owner with the highest scores in this universe! Don't forget that other games of ours like Sky Track Racing Master and Ace Moto Rider are also for free and you can grab some friends to discover them anytime!

Controlling keys: Click or tap on the screen to move the ship and to shoot.