Boom Town

Different scenarios come with unique challenges and requirements to win in this new game of Boom Town from ABCya 4th! For example, Sandbox will let the players join an endless game with the standard settings. Scores taken after 45 days with the option to continue afterward will be in this mode. Meanwhile, the Gold Boom includes 20 days of constant gold booms.

You need to maximize the gold prices to build the biggest town possible in the sprint of a game. Don't forget that there are the selections of the Tax haven, Badlands, and Lakesides, each with its strange and challenging gameplay for new kids to check out. The similarity between these modes is the gameplay of building a thriving town by mining gold on the mountainside. First, select the area that you want to mine. Set the required explosives, then collect the gold orc in your truck.

Keep expanding the town by spending the gained gold building amenities to successfully create a boomtown of your own! The most crucial part of this game is to upgrade your weapons, infrastructure, refinery, and explosive power constantly. This journey will involve starting plots, buying more explosives, liberating the gold, and making good coordination of different items. There's no time limit in this interactive game so you can freely enjoy the fun gameplay and share with friends to destress after a long day.

Are you ready to emerge in this work of mining gold with the choice for navigating the menu screens, purchasing upgrades, and blasting explosives? It's time to get ready for this world-changing work and get down to business! Keep in mind that we have an extended list of free games that are available for kids of all ages to explore with the best options such as Witch Killer or Music Garden, with the tap of your finger at!

Controls: Control the truck using the WASD keys.