Music Garden

Have you ever tried an interactive game with music as the main theme? Instead of having to hit the right beat and song like the other musical online game, in this puzzle games option of Music Garden, the kids will get to create their unique beat and songs. Not only is it a unique game that lots of kids have never tried before but it's also an interactive music game with the cutest design.

You will control these different flowers in the garden. Each of them can create a single beat or melody. Your job is to free your creative mind so that you can create, arrange, coordinate, and mix your music to spice up the colorful garden! The control is quite easy and you will get a detailed tutorial on the gaming screen. First, drag one or two flowers into your garden to test it out and listen to each beat individually.

Once you know what beat and melody choices you have, start mixing and start your journey to become a natural music producer in this online game from! There's no need to be an expert in this game. Just enjoy the beat, vibe to the music, and create the melody to your favorite!

The sound garden will grow even more if you can use some additional effects from the right-handed bar. Feel free to mute and unmute the flowers at your choice and anytime you feel want to. There are a lot of chances to explore and spread your creativity with this fun game, as well as with other good games like Mahjong Kitche and Virile Grandpa Escape from our website! Are you ready to vibe and dance along with your self-created music?

How to play:

Click on the flower to make the beat, drag it to move.