Ninja Slash: Shuriken Masters

If you are in love with ninja games, this new ABCya kid game of Ninja Slash: Shuriken Masters will be the best choice for you this summer! Step into the new world filled with the strongest ninjas who are battling to survive. You get the chance to become an enhanced ninja with a gaming experience extended in the toughest missions of throwing shuriken.

To become the sole ninja surviving the battle, gather as many shurikens as possible and break all the obstacles that are on your path. Once you have dived into this thriving block-breaking gaming option, practice the work of throwing shuriken and breaking blocks or items one after another. As they show up randomly on the board, you need to aim correctly to hit them.

Different levels require different direction aiming because your targets show up in different spots. This game comes with smooth animation, great graphics, and a 2D design to make sure kids of all ages. Enjoy numerous effects which have been added for ninjutsu, weapons, castle crushers, and monsters. As it's an aim-and-shoot game genre, aim carefully before releasing the shuriken and throwing it. How good are your aiming skills?

Adjust the direction of the shuriken carefully before releasing it in order to make the most out of your limited throwing chances. The more you hit in one go, the higher your results shall be. Keep exploring new strategies and a new way of aiming to hit more targets with one shot! If this is one of the suitable games for your taste, don't miss out on the long list of newly added choices such as Noob Flip or Angry Rex Online, all available without any cost at!


Long press the screen using the left button to adjust the direction of the shuriken.

Release the button to throw.