Brave Knight Of Epic Fantasy Adventure

Brave Knight Of Epic Fantasy brings on the new amazing game of fantasy world with a lot of monsters that need eliminating from the map. You will play the main role of a special hero from ABCya games 4 kids who has the limited power to chop down the ghost. Your job is to move from the left to the right side of the side-scrolling screen in the game and find the monsters.

Prepare your little weapon and chop them as soon as you locate one. They will be floating and moving around. Keep in mind that the attacks need to be constant because the damage from the enemies will occur automatically when you come into contact with any of them. Therefore, the given energy only allows you to survive for a limited time as you fight your way through this arcade game at! Enjoy the new version of the retro-styled game with pixelated animation and adorable brave knight! In this long-forgotten castle, how many dungeon doors will you be able to break and how many enemies will you take down?

Get your bravery and gears ready to tackle this epic fighting game to set the highest scores now! Once your energy bar runs out, the game ends immediately with the set scores at that moment. This means that each player needs to move flexibly while chopping the monsters to avoid the attacks and preserve their energies. Would you like to take another journey to one more similar arcade game such as Police Escape and Stickman Archer Adventure? Start the work and show us your bravery while figuring out the path throughout the haunted place!

How to play: Tap on the right or the left side of the screen to move. You can also click using the mouse or use arrow keys as well.