Super Killer

Targeting your enemies and tackling these shooting missions will not be a hard task, however, your final scores will depend mostly on your precision in delivering the shots. Find the most suitable aim and start working on different missions as requested. The list of tasks for each player on a specific range will vary, however, the overall objective of this game from ABCya 2023 will be to hit all the targets within the given time.

In the role of one of the most talented secret agents as given huge tasks, learn to conquer these various uniquely-designed mission chambers. All of them are placed differently as they are scattered in the big city. Utilize the boundaries, walls, blocks, and other objects on the platform to make the most creative shooting lines. Sometimes you will probably require the help of these items to get the bullets to your enemies' location because they will hide behind some walls or blocks.

Of course, there will be more than one way available that you can defeat the bad guys - all you need to do is to pick the fastest and most convenient one. Learn how to make good use of the ricochets and curving path while delivering the bullets or hammers as these will be beneficial to the work of breaking boxes and windows.

Open up new paths and routes with your power and get more methods to kill the enemies! Give your best with advanced skills or techniques to gather scores within short time frames! Feel free to dive into the new game world of where top-ranged games with action-based themes such as Obby Blox Parkour are available for free!

How to play: Use the left mouse to aim. Release the button to shoot at the targets.