Obby Blox Parkour

Go on with this classic-mode game of virtual parkour with our lovely Obby character in Obby Blox Parkour - a newly added game from the list of ABCya action 4 kids! Plenty of obstacles, high platforms, gaps, and tons of tricks are waiting for you to explore! Once you start tackling these obstacle course games, start with the classic mode to get to know the game basics and mechanism.

What you will do in this online game is to move through the platform tiles, which are high up in the sky. Perform the parkour tricks by maneuvering Obby's motion and keep the utmost balance on these floating pieces. Once you have gotten to a certain progress on the trip, start hopping and jumping with the rotatable camera.

It's a cool 3D graphic design added to the game so that you can feel the realistic dizziness and height of these platforms. Can you conquer this journey with the most complicated tricks and perform your best? First, learn how to move forward or how to change the perspective on the in-game screen. Once you understand the control set, it's easier to choose and perform as your desire.

Utilize the camera in the best way possible because this will be very helpful for you to manage your upward route and steer clear of random items. These new obstacles will be harder to crack and they tend to appear very unexpectedly, therefore, be prepared and stay focused for the top-ranged scores! Keep expanding your gaming experience with more thrilling games such as Castle of Magic and Bounce And Collect from our online list at https://abcya4.net/!

How to play:

For PC, use the spacebar to jump, WASD to move, left mouse button to rotate the camera.

For tablets and mobiles, control with the touchpad.