Jail Breaker

Tackle the hardest Jail Breaker missions for the toughest prisoners here at ABCya 4 kid game online - one of the best places to visit for fun playtime during the holiday. Not only does the art of prison break require a set of techniques ranging from flexibility, speed, and improvising but it's also a dangerous mission. Thrilling as it sounds, will you be suitable for the tasks of escaping these well-guarded cells?

You need to help the main characters as well as the protagonists in this game to find the best way to escape from prison without being detected. As the jail has cameras, guards, traps, and hidden doors, you will need to observe and select the right turns and doors to free yourself and your cellmates. Move along the corridor and hide once you see the cameras or the guards. When the coast is clear, feel free to dash and move ahead to get closer to the exit. If you get lost, take advantage of the given hints in this game to locate the best way out. Another crucial task to survive the mission is to select the correct items according to the shapes and the prompts which are shown on the side panels.

This game has the best and funniest logical reasoning with a problem that requires creative thinking to search for the solution. Keep exploring the jail and find out what else you can do to top up your scores on the Leaderboard! Will your record be the shortest among the other successful jail breakers? Other games like Roof Rails and Element Evolution from our list at http://abcya4.net/ also have some tough quizzes and problems to add a bit of fun to your brainstorming sessions!

How to play the game: Click the left button to interact, move using the arrow keys.