Brick Out 3

Brick Out 3 introduces the new version of the game series with more than just an ordinary brick-breaking mission. You will be able to participate in a new journey with the main character in this ABCya game 4 kids in which you shall do your best to aim and break as many bricks as possible. Make sure to land on nothing but the landing board to keep the main character safe.

The game provides a great weapon for you to break multiple blocks in bulk, however, it's the skill and timing that count. The aim, select the best timing to swing the weapon and break the tiles quickly. Enjoy the 3D realistic stimulation of sound effects and vibration upon each hit. The background effects are what make the game stand out in the list as it adds to the fun.

In order to gain a higher record, each player needs to learn how to maneuver and drag the pad to the exact spot for landing. One mistake and your character will not survive the landing, which results in a failed mission. Will you be able to defeat countless players who have tackled this new gaming option from as well? For newbies, we recommend that you pay close attention to the movement of the ball to understand the mechanism after its trance, as well as to predict the landing spot.

The more accurate your estimation is, the higher your scores will be. Conquer other arcade games such as Zen Triple 3D or Fun Balloon Pop, all available for free to spice up the playtime of yours! Don't miss and keep the longest streak of brick breaking on this Leaderboard amidst other equally competitive players!

How to play:

Use the mouse to break the bricks and interact with the character.