Each player can show his or her individual gaming style, especially in challenging and mind-wrecking games like Buca at ABCya 4th. Not only is this a ball game in which the players get to hit the puck freely but it's also an interactive game genre. In order to progress to the highest levels possible, the mission that you have to carry out is to hit the puck into the holes no matter what obstacles there are on the table.

The goal is to push the puck forward with a just-enough force that it falls perfectly into the dark holes. In case you push with too much force, the puck might bounce off and flip to another corner, therefore, it's very crucial to impose the best amount of power. Your aiming skill also plays an important role in this ball-hitting game. Don't miss more than three times because three chances are all that you have got for one stage. Once you have made it to the next level, more intense challenges, white blocks, and more bars will be on the grid to make it harder. Dodge the blocks or shoot the ball to the corner so that it can bounce right off to the holes.

To make more satisfying goals, make sure to think out of the box, and be creative with your shooting line. Enjoy the beautiful graphics and glowing design of the game from https://abcya4.net/ with just one click! Pay attention to the arrow that shows the direction and the power bar to keep track of the shooting force. Be a part of more thrilling games that are updated daily such as Sort Hoop and Power Light

Controlling keys: Click, hold, and pull the left mouse button to fling the ball.