Power Light

Change the games that you play from the ordinary type to the new challenging games like Power Light from ABCya land! Not only is this game a combination of puzzle games and arcade games but it is also quite a brain challenge for the smartest players online! Your job will be to control the wires that are placed in different positions and the pieces that are scattered everywhere.

To win, you have to connect the line so as to transfer the power from the power socket to the lamp. It's a multi-level game, each of the stages will pose different challenges to keep you on your toes. Use your creativity and problem-solving techniques to come up with the best way to fix the power line without getting your character buzzed. As you move up higher levels, the wire pieces will tangle even worse, which means that it requires more effort and time, as well as brainstorming to find out the best solution.

If you are a fan of quizzes and solving tough problems, this special game shall be your favorite in the gaming basket. Discover tons of new ways to dominate the game from the list at https://abcya4.net/! You will know when the lines are connected properly because that's when the lamp lights up. Can you win by finding out the correct path for connecting in the shortest time frame? Don't forget to use the hints and gather high scores so that you can write your names on the ranking board. We recommend more fabulous and fun games such as Ricocheting Orange and Onet Fruit Classic that are also perfect for sharing with your friends and family.

How to play: Change the direction of the power line using the left mouse button. Click again to change back to the original direction.