Onet Fruit Classic

Onet Fruit Classic has just been added to the collection of as a new gaming selection for the fans of matching games. Use your hawkeye and great observation skill to conquer yet another game of spotting the pairs of fruits. The rules are pretty simple and easy for even kids to understand. You will have to locate the pairs of fruits that consist of two identical pieces on the board. The grid will be slowly filling up with new pieces of different types, so you better be quick to clear them out.

Also, keep in mind that the path connecting the two fruits must be clear. There are 5 hints given to the players in this game for free to use in case they can't come up with the correct pair or hit a dead end. Those 5 hints can go in a blink of an eye, therefore, it's best to use them only in desperate timing. The thing about this game is that there is no limitation of the time range to ensure that the players are fully comfortable with enjoying the gameplay. The best players shall be able to think outside of the box and offer smart moves or creative thinking to conquer more and more fruit pieces.

Color and shape are the two most important elements in locating and identifying the suitable pairs among tons of options on the grid. Take up the challenge and show your friends your problem-solving technique as well as the best of matching skills. Other games like Wordmeister or Neoblox also come with a similar genre as this game so that you can play after finishing this one. Visit the free website of ABCya online games to showcase your talents to the world!


Choose and connect the two fruit pieces using the left moues button.