Neoblox can be seen as the new version of Tetris with more exciting features that open up new challenges and new possible moves for the players. In this sequel, you will choose how to arrange three showing pieces on the grid so that they can create a full line. Only three new pieces will be shown at the same time, and you have to place them all before the new pieces showing up.

There is no pressure on time like the old Tetris in which the players have to think fast. It's all up to you and your strategy in this version from ABCya 4. Moreover, two additional lines are added to the top of the grid. If your stack is too high and touches these two special lines, the rest will be pushed down by one line. Control the rules so that you can play the game in your way and master it!

Not only is this game famous for the creative rules but it also has one of the best graphics, gorgeous design art, and soothing background music as your companion during the experience. Let's find out how many lines can you clear and how long your stack can be kept untouched! If you love the puzzle games at, keep your skills up-to-date with more new games like Clock Challenge and Sock Flow

How to play:

Click and drag the mouse to move the puzzle pieces.