Clock Challenge

The collection of games in Abcya 4 kid online consists of a variety of genres. Instead of just having action, adventure, and complicated games, many choices like Clock Challenge have been added so that parents can take their pick while choosing a fun yet educational game for little babies. Let us walk you through the one rule of this game. The clock hand is rotating constantly. All you need to do is listen to the number being read out loud by the machine, determine the location of that hour, and click on the clock hand when it's right.

The game will teach the kids how to read the hours on the clock and also train them to estimate the movements of the hands to make it stop in the right position. The design and graphics of this game at are so simple that with one look, the kids can learn how to start the game. Make sure that you click on the screen at the right timing to keep the hands at the designated hours.

As the game progresses, the speed will be picked up a little bit to make it more interesting and difficult. There is nowhere else that you can find an educational game that is combined with a fun theme to attract the little kids and make their learning time a bit more enjoyable! For the older kids and the grown-ups, how about playing with other elaborated games like Sock Flow and Paradise Cube?

Instructions: Click on the screen to stop the hands.