There are thousands of possibilities when it comes to creating words in the English dictionary. Will you share your extended vocabulary in Wordmeister, a new ABCya kid game to score points? Here, not only will you get to learn more words from your opponents but you can also develop your skills of arranging and coming up with new words. The rule is pretty simple but there are stills some challenging parts as well.

The players will be given a set of letters from the beginning of this game. Those are the ones that you can use to line up and create the words. Once the game starts, start brainstorming and drag the necessary tiles which represent the letters to form words. Some hard-to-use tiles will give you extra combos and bonuses, such as the double or triple word scores, and so on. When you first enter the match, there will be a smart tutorial to guide you over the steps and give a thorough training of the rules.

Make sure that the new words you create will line up directly to the old one, which means that you have to use the last letter of the previous words as the first of the new one. The moment that you fail to come up with new words for three consecutive turns, the game will be over. Play against the smart AI player in this free match of scrabble from https://abcya4.net/! The game provides a large collection of words that resemble the standard of a national championship, so don't miss out on this good game!

Don't think for too long or else you will lose your chance of arranging. Come to our collection filled with word games, puzzles, and quizzes such as Neoblox and Clock Challenge


Choose and drag the letters using the left mouse button.