Doc Darling Bone Surgery

Doc Darling Bone Surgery is the next game from ABCya 4 girls that is perfect for the fans of girl games with a variety of tasks related to doctor work and medical care. Unfortunately, due to an accident on the bike, our girl has been injured with a bone issue, which has caused her pain and spreading injury. Let's help her with the mission of easing the pain and performing the surgery to fix their medical problem for her.

First, examine the problem and check to see which points need fixing. Follow the guideline from the in-game tutorial to know what to check and where to fix. From cleaning the wounds, and sterilizing the tools, to cutting the parts open to fix them, you will be the main surgeon to handle them all.

It requires the utmost precision and carefulness to make sure our lovely main character no longer suffers from the pain of the injury. A great surgeon will try his or her best to avoid the scars even after the surgery, so perform your steady moves, and cuts, and conquer this surgery like the most professional doctor. Try your best to utilize the given medicine and lotions for a well-round recovery as soon as possible.

Another special feature of this girl game is the last touch of dressing up for the girl. Once she is fully recovered from the injury, help to spice up her day a bit with a change in styling and fashion as well as hairstyles! Choose brighter sets of clothing, cute tops, trendy bottoms, and dresses to change her look. Feel free to emerge in the world of free girl games where tons of free choices are available, such as My Perfect Christmas Costumes from!

Game controls: Perform the surgery and interact with the touchpad or mouse.