Fabby Golf!

Fabby Golf! brings new sports with a virtual version to the gaming collection of ABCya 2022 online with lots of fun and a series of gold courses for exploration. This tournament is filled with the toughest players on the internet and you can easily claim one spot on the Leaderboard as long as you are skillful enough!

Start exploring this arcade-style golf game with amazing animation and 3D graphics to show your inner talents for golf. Similar to the original version of golf, in this virtual game, your mission stays unchanged, which is to hit the golf ball precisely and make it fall into the most holes possible. As the difficulty range increase significantly while you progress through the game, make sure to bring the balls to their required destinations with the least attempts possible.

The rule and mechanism of the hit in this game resemble that of a slingshot. You will draw back the stick to adjust both the angles and the force for each hit. Pay attention to the parameter on the screen to understand the direction and the distance of the holes, which help you decide how you should swing your stick. Too much strength will put the ball too far, while too little will not be efficient to reach the hole. It's a practice for your estimation of both direction and strength, so aim carefully during the first few levels.

More obstacles show up when you reach the higher levels to make the stage more and more challenging, therefore, be prepared and learn how to stick the ball into the hole with the perfect amount of force. Here at https://abcya4.net/, we recommend that you can check out other similar themed games with more tournaments for you to explore such as Penalty Kick Target!

Controlling key

Use the mouse to gain momentum and to hit.