Face Breaker

The piles of bricks in Face Breaker will be quite a challenge for you to break through with your little white ball. In this ABCya game for kids, you will enjoy the satisfaction of tearing down the brick walls by breaking them one by one. Use your paddle or platform to bounce the white ball back and forth. As the ball touches the bricks, they will break into smaller pieces. You need to make sure that you can successfully grab the ball when it falls and counter-move to make it bounce back again.

How long will you be able to keep it rolling and break the bricks? If you want to quickly remove all the blocks, it's best if you can hit your square-face-ball at the perfect angle to aim at the remaining pieces. Don't let the ball roam or fly in another direction with no brick or else it's just a waste of time. This fun arcade game from https://abcya4.net/ resembles a tennis match that is played by two players. Keep hitting back and forth to destroy all the blocks in the shortest timeframe possible. If your ball gains speed after a few turns, it will be much harder to control and manage its movement, therefore, be careful so as not to drop the ball.

Find out the best way to intercept it without any chance of falling on the bottom! There are 45 tough stages with increasing difficulty levels and challenging rates, so do your best to avoid being eliminated too early. Can you become the first player to successfully conquer a total of 45 stages without a single miss? Be the face of the game and gain the top ranking on the Leaderboard with your scores! Enjoy the thrilling gameplay of others such as Animal Puzzle and Grenade Toss

Controlling keys: Drag and move the mouse to control the paddle.