Grenade Toss

Grenade Toss from ABCya game will be a tough and challenging mission that takes your aiming and skills with explosives to another level! In the battle to gain back the territory, we need a good soldier who can be on the front line and eliminate the enemies lurking over the hills. If you succeed, this mission will create a chance to advance and win in the end! Some of the obstacles that you can look forward to are the ups-and-downs hills, high mountains, blocks, and infrastructure, as well as many stuff that make it harder for you to throw your grenade.

Whatever the obstacles are, you can only win by shining with your aiming and throwing skills. The players have to carry their grenades and calculate the path to throw properly. You can start the game with the little tutorial to learn where the buttons are. Once you get a full grasp on how to interact and control the main characters of the game, practice adjusting the angle and the throwing force because these two are the most important factors that will decide the success rate of your throw. If you have a high score, your name will pop up on the final Leaderboard.

Of course, there will be more than just those two elements that affect your throw. Consider the wind direction and the hill angle as well to make sure that you use the least grenades for one stage. With a limited grenade number, you need to make sure to keep check of the remaining number from time to time. Don't let small items and obstacles like the boxes, terrains, pulleys, and explosives get in your way of fulfilling this mission at More throwing games with different items like Symmetry Challenge and Fairy Tale Dragons Memory are also available for free.

Instructions: Use the mouse to adjust the angle and throw.