Symmetry Challenge

Even if you have great eyesight, that's not enough to win the game of Symmetry Challenge from ABCya new games. This arcade themed game will test your ability to smoothly flip over the tiles that will create a symmetrical picture overall. The other side of the pictures or the shapes has already been filled up, therefore, the mission is to observe and choose the right tiles on the remaining side only. Before the time runs out, you will have to make sure to turn over all the necessary tiles that will place a part of the picture.

Once you see a mirror image of the right side with the exact positions of the tiles, the level will be completed. However, not many players can go far due to time pressure. A total of 35 levels, each with different and more challenging shapes that will keep you addicted all day. Can you see the time bar at the bottom of the screen? It will play as the timer as you join each stage. Hand and eye coordination and quick reflexes will get you through the toughest levels of this game from and bring home the highest scores.

However, if you are still looking for a game that is more difficult with more quizzes, jigsaws, or shapes, don't hesitate to join our website and discover the gameplay of more gaming options such as Fairy Tale Dragons Memory and Backgammon. Sharpen your skills and become an advanced player to show the gaming world your amazing record! Keep on matching the two-sided pattern to complete the levels separately. How long will it take for you to complete one symmetrical picture before the time runs out?

Controlling keys: Tap on the mobile screen or click using the mouse to interact, move, and flip the tiles.