Math Signs Game

Math Signs Game from brings another level of educational math game for kids to not only practice their techniques when it comes to mathematics but also to ignite their love for math! The game will bring lots of problems to encourage the players to come up with the best solutions. Think fast to solve all math operations within the limited time for each.

Your goal in this game is to place the four mathematical operations in the right place on the blank equations to create a correct one. From subtracting, adding, dividing, to multiplying, all of these operations are at your disposal with a limited number on each. Have fun with this game and move the math signs at the fastest pace that you can! This game comes with amazing graphics which are vibrant and bright to keep your focus on the fun theme!

Share this with your fellow classmates to study the math calculation together. The mechanism starts with one or two equations at first, but it will slowly increase to make the game harder and harder. Stay focused and be patient as you can solve them all with proper practice and patience! Think of the equation using given numbers and come up with a way to generate the result accordingly.

This will be quite challenging to do under the pressure of time, but try and demonstrate your talents! Enjoy the world of gaming from ABCya land that requires no registering, and lots of free fun time! We provide the daily replenished games such as Forest Match 2 to keep you entertained for hours on end. Will you be able to crack all math problems and not fail any challenge on your first trial?

How to play:

Choose the math operations using the mouse or the touchpad.