KoGaMa: Temple of Doom

Kogama: Temple Of Doom is a online game that you can play on ABCya 4 for free. Shooting by only one person is very boring. Only multiplayer online shooting games are interesting. If you are a fan of shooting games, don't miss this game. It's worth noting that in this game, you can choose your favorite weapon, whether it is a pistol or a submachine gun, or even a tank cannon. You can experience the fun of shooting. The map in the game is very broad. When you see other players moving or trying to hide himself, don't hesitate and shoot immediately.

Control: Use arrow keys to control the character move and click to fire.

The main objective is to neutralize your enemies in this online game. Pick your team, register your name and start playing! Build, create and destroy. You'll see for yourselves that the game isn't as easy at it would seem. The game's graphics are nice and the gameplay is fairly simple, so be sure to have a blast while playing it.

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