Fantasy Avatar Anime Dress Up

If manga or anime girl dress-up is your cup of tea, how about checking out this game of Fantasy Avatar Anime Dress Up for a change? It's one of the latest games added to the ABCya girl game list with a huge wardrobe filled with more and more fantasy items. Dress up as the cutest anime girls with the main character vibe and you will shine for sure! Plenty of items available for the full body makeover are here so that you can spread your imagination with major changes.

Follow the basic RPG style and cosplay with your touch of styling! Use the basic model of warrior, fighter, knight, and so on to choose a theme for your character. It's a fabulous game for cool doll designers, so start this fashion game right now. More than 300 items are ready for you to channel your inner mage, healer, wizard, anime princess, or others. This game allows the players to pick each feature and part, ranging from body shape, skin, facial features, clothing, and hair.

All of them should coordinate and be in harmony with each other to generate an overall great look. Your large selection of fashion items is varied, you can decide which hairstyles, jackets, tops, bottoms, dresses, or costumes you need to put on. Depending on the styles that you pick, there will be plenty of outfits that you can design and utilize the overall vibe.

The backgrounds vary here for you to pick from, ranging from the Japanese cherry blossom, romantic sceneries, ancient theater, modern towers, and plenty of natural landscapes that will catch your eyes for sure. Join the fun at where you can gather plenty of tips and make new friends! Discover the joy of winning these games of Valentines Matching Outfits or Lady Popular later!

Controls: Click the mouse and choose the clothes.