Noob Huggy Winter

A new adventure called Noob Huggy Winter will bring back the intense journey with our Huggy bear but with new twists and tricks, as well as new obstacles to make the task of completing this game harder. This time, instead of escaping the maze with two characters, you will be conquering a snowing land with different obstacles and more challenges in a right-side moving panel.

As you move towards the right-sided screen, more and more items will show up on the platform. Keep advancing and gather the keys to open up more paths in this ABCya new game. As it is snowing in this sequel of the series, put on the lovely Christmas hat on a cold winter day and start the fun game with your friend now! Keep the bear safe by jumping and steering clear of the harmful slime and deadly thorns scattered around the forest covered in snow.

The slippery road will be another threat that you need to avoid. Also, the randomly pop-up bees will sting the character if you come too close to them. Make sure to collect the diamonds and the keys at the same time, while figuring out the way to escape. There are some caves and forests for you to nest and hide from the enemies.

At the end of the game, make sure to reach for the door as it remains your final destination. The free gaming world of provides the kids with tons of newly added games such as Help Me: Time Travel Adventure or Squid Operator Hunt for your usage. All of them are at your disposal anytime you look for a good game time!

How to play:

Use the WASD or arrow keys to move the character.

Double-tap the W key or up arrow to double jump.

Interact using the mouse cursor.