Tiny Rifles

Take to the battlefield and defend your trenches in Tiny Rifles! This https://abcya4.net/ features some fantastic strategy elements and battlefield gameplay. You control an army of tiny soldiers and must progress across the battlefield to engage the enemy and take control of the trenches. You can choose from a rifle soldier, a sniper, a machine gun soldier and a devastating mortar attack.

Each type of soldier/attack costs gold – this gold regenerates over time automatically. There is a delay timer on the purchase of each unit so you must buy your units at the opportune moment and plan your attack carefully. Sniper rifles have a longer range, but machine gun soldiers have a faster rate of fire – use your unit’s strengths! To complete each level you must reach the enemy line and destroy all units in your path. This abcya 4 free game requires immense strategy and forethought – can you lead your tiny soldiers to victory?

You are the army commander and the enemy is in front of you. Create troops with different guns and kill all enemies.

Enjoy with TRZ Cannon and Aliens Attack.

Game control

Left click to deploy troops and move them.