Slime Warrior Run

The new quest of Slime Warrior Run will be a good choice for the players who would love to dive into a newly added arcade game with modern graphics and cool animation. Set your foot in this 3D world of ABCya fighting games where the righteous hero will take on the role of the hero to save the city from the new threats. As a Slime man, the main character needs to gather more pieces of slime scattered along the path to gain power and increase his fighting ability.

Once you have gathered enough, the warrior shall transform into a full Slime warrior with the top power to not only divert the bullets from the enemies better but also to take further strive along the way. You might even be able to get a stronger physique for the character as he can lift tanks, dodge the bullets of the enemies, move at a faster pace, and conquer the level better.

This is one of the best choices that have been recently added to the list of games at, along with some amazing options such as  Human Wheel and Ninja In Cape. All of these are available at the tips of your finger with an intuitive interface that will suit kids of all ages. Feel free to take over the game with such an easy control set and go forward to see how high your scores can be.

Would you like to participate in more games with similar themes like this one? Hit the game whenever you have some time off and showcase the best movement to defeat the other slime warriors! It's a fascinating quest for adventurers and daredevils!

How to play:

Move using the WASD keys or the arrow keys, interact using the mouse cursor.