Fun Memory Training

Fun Memory Training will be a perfect choice to train your memory with adorable characters, lovely graphics, fun gameplay, and a cute color palette from ABCya 4th new collection. This fun game is all about repeating the sequence that which the candies are displayed. All you need to do is to watch the sequence and memorize it one by one. Then, click on the right candies in the said order to replicate the similar sequence without any mistake.

A total of twenty-five automatically generated levels with five different numbers will be available for you to tackle! You can go from the easiest set with three candies only. Move your way up to the higher levels and target the harder set with four, five, eight, or even ten candies. The number of moves per sequence shall increase as well to make the challenge and the layout of the game unpredictable.

Are you ready to ace this memory game with your amazing brain? In order to keep the highest scores in the game, keep practicing until you manage to remember all given steps in this game with no trouble. Not only is it a good gaming option for kids to enhance their memory with educational gameplay but it's also challenging enough to keep your friends on their toes!

Choose this one as the platform to have a blast with your team during your game time, holiday, or on a getaway trip! We guarantee that you will be able to enjoy the lovely background music that assists the memorizing as well. More games like Minimal Bubble Shooter from our list of free choices at can easily be the next favorites for you, so don't hesitate to check them out later!

Controlling keys:

Click on the candies to choose and replicate the sequence.